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Postoperative information

What can I expect after a procedure?

When you wake up, you will be observed for some time before being allowed to eat or drink. Normally you will be able to eat your usual diet the same day and resume your usual activities and take your usual medications.

Usually your doctor will come and speak to you after your procedure and explain any results. If necessary, your doctor will make another appointment to see you in clinic, or you will follow up with your GP.

Safety precautions

Staying safe after the procedure is of upmost importance. Sedation will affect your judgement for about 24hrs.

For your own and others safety and legal reasons:

  • Do NOT drive any type of car, bike or other vehicle. You must be taken home by a responsible adult person.
  • Do NOT operate machinery including cooking implements.
  • Do NOT make important decisions or sign legal documents.
  • Do NOT drink alcohol, take other mind-altering substances, or smoke. They may react with the sedation drugs.
  • Have an adult with you on the first night after your surgery.

In case of any adverse reaction described below please notify the hospital emergency department:

  • Severe ongoing abdominal pain.
  • Black tarry motions or bleeding from the back passage.
  • Trouble swallowing.
  • Fever.
  • Sharp chest or throat pain.
  • Redness, tenderness or swelling for more than 48hrs where you had the injection for sedation.

If you have any problems post procedurally, please call Gastroenterology Clinics Queensland on 1800 199 920, or if outside normal business hours and the matter is urgent, please present to your GP or nearest emergency department.